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Nike Carli,LCSW-R

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Confidentiality and trust are the building blocks of a therapeutic relationship. Outside of a treatment or payment situation, Information will only be shared with others if you give me written authorization to do so. There are however limited situations that all therapists are mandated to report. These are child abuse or neglect, imminent harm to oneself or others, and information in response to a



court order. You will be given additional, extensive information regarding your confidentiality and privacy rights at our first meeting.On April 14, 2003, new federal privacy regulations know as HIPAA went into effect. These regulations give patients specific rights, and providers responsibilities, in relation to health information privacy. One requirement is for health care providers to give patients a written copy of the providers Notice Of Privacy Practices, and to make it available on their web site. My practice is fully compliant with the HIPAA privacy rule, your confidentiality and trust will always be my first priority.

My Notice Of Privacy Practices form can e found on my Patient Forms page.

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